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Genre Music
Presented by Manfred Sexauer
Uschi Nerke (1972-1978)
Auwa (1979-1981)
Christine Röthig (1984)
Theme music composer Mark Wirtz
Country of origin West Germany
Original language(s) German
No. of episodes 90
Producer(s) Mike Leckebusch
Location(s) Bremen, Germany
Camera setup Studio Hamburg
Running time 30–75 minutes
Original network Radio Bremen
Original release 13 December 1972 – 29 November 1984
Preceded by Beat-Club
Followed by Extratour

Der Musikladen (German: The Music Shop) was a West German music television programme that ran from 13 December 1972 to 29 November 1984. The show continued the 1960s Beat-Club under a new name, and in turn was replaced by Extratour.


Around 90 episodes were aired, plus 59 as Musikladen extra with most being made in the period between 1974 and 1979. All episodes were produced by Radio Bremen and directed by Michael Leckebusch.

A normal episode of Musikladen usually featured several live performances by guest musicians, and ran around 45 minutes. Some episodes were longer, and a few were shorter. In the 1980s, music videos were shown along with live performances. The show's famous theme was "A Touch of Velvet – A Sting of Brass" by Mood Mosaic, which had also been used on Beat-Club.

Manfred Sexauer hosted the show with various others. From 12 December 1972 to 21 September 1978, Uschi Nerke, the veteran from Beat-Club, moderated the show with Sexauer. After she left, Sexauer was the lone host till 20 August 1979, when 'Auwa' (August-Walter Thiemann) joined. He left on 15 January 1981, and Sexauer handled the hosting duties alone till 21 June 1984 when he was joined by Christine Röthig. They both moderated the show until its end on 29 November 1984.

Clips from the program can now be seen on VH1 Classic and several DVD compilations have been released. All the episodes air frequently in an edited form, mostly after midnight, from various German TV stations, like NDR, RBB and BFS (BR3). 3Sat also airs Musikladen occasionally.

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