Muskoka River

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Muskoka River
High Falls, Bracebridge, Ontario.jpg
High Falls in Bracebridge on the north branch of the Muskoka River
Physical characteristics
SourceAlgonquin Provincial Park
 • locationBurnt Island Lake
 • elevation525 m (1,722 ft)
 • location
Two outlets into Georgian Bay via Go Home Lake and Moon River.
 • elevation
177 m (581 ft)

The Muskoka River is a river in the Muskoka District of Ontario, Canada.

It rises in the highlands of Algonquin Park and flows southwest through a number of lakes including

which empty into Georgian Bay south of Parry Sound by way of the Moon and Musquash Rivers.

Tributaries include the:

Communities on the river include:

The name "Muskoka" comes from the name of a chief of the Ojibwa in this region, "Mesqua Ukee" (Miskwaa-aki: Red Earth).

In fiction[edit]

There is also a Muskoka River in Nancy Drew's fictional home town of River Heights, located somewhere in the Midwestern United States.[1]

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Coordinates: 45°01′36″N 79°23′13″W / 45.0267°N 79.3869°W / 45.0267; -79.3869