Muslim Students' Association (Indonesia)

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The Muslim Students' Association (Indonesian: Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam) (HMI) is an Indonesian organization that was founded in Yogyakarta on 5 February 1947 at the initiative of Lafran Pane with 14 students from the Institute of Islam in Yogyakarta (Indonesian: Sekolah Tinggi Islam Yogyakarta).[1]

HMI is an independent organization with the objective of connecting academics, creators – servants of Islam, and taking responsibility for creating a just people blessed by Allah.

HMI DIPO[edit]

To stop HMI from being destroyed, the congress in Padang agreed that the only fundament of belief should be the Pancasila. The HMI which has its headquarters in Jalan Diponegoro is the only HMI that is recognized by the government, thus we can separate the HMI which is often called HMI DIPO from the Muslim Students' Association MPO. At the congress in Jambi in 1999, HMI returned to recognizing Islam as the main source of values.


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