Musnad Imam ul A’zam

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Musnad Imam Abu Hanifa
AuthorImam Abu Hanifa
GenreHadith collection

Musnad Imam ul A’zam or Musand Imam Abu Hanifa (Arabic: مسند امام اعظم‎) is one of the oldest hadith book attributed to Islamic scholar Imam Abu Hanifa (80 AH- 150 AH).[1][2]


It contains almost five hundred (500) hadiths. The book is not directly written by Imam Abu Hanifa Himself but rather compiled by his students. It is written in the closest time of the life of Prophet Muhammad.[3][4][5]


The book has been published by many publishers across the globe:

  • Musnad Imam Abu Hanifah (r.a): Published:Book on Demand (1 Jan. 1901)[6]
  • Musnad Imam Ul a Zam Abu Hanifah R.a: Published:Book on Demand Pod [7]

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