Musquash Parish, New Brunswick

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Location within Saint John County.
Location within Saint John County.
Coordinates: 46°10′N 66°22′W / 46.17°N 66.36°W / 46.17; -66.36Coordinates: 46°10′N 66°22′W / 46.17°N 66.36°W / 46.17; -66.36
Country Canada
Province New Brunswick
CountySaint John County
 • Land235.33 km2 (90.86 sq mi)
 • Total1,194
 • Change
Decrease 0.5%
 • Dwellings
Time zoneUTC-4 (AST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-3 (ADT)
Median Income*$71,680 CDN
  • Median household total income, 2015 (all households)

Musquash is a civil parish[a] in Saint John County, New Brunswick, Canada.[2]

For governance purposes it forms the local service district of the parish of Musquash.[3]


Musquash Parish was set off from Lancaster Parish in 1877. Its name was derived from the Maliseet word for "muskrat".


Musquash Parish is defined in the Territorial Division Act[4] as being bounded:

All that part of the County which lies west of the City of Saint John.


Parish population total does not include incorporated municipalities (in bold).

Bodies of water & Islands[edit]

This is a list of rivers, lakes, streams, creeks, marshes and Islands that are at least partially in this parish


Access Routes[edit]

Highways and numbered routes that run through the parish, including external routes that start or finish at the parish limits:[7]

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  1. ^ Civil parishes served a variety of government functions until 1966, when the new Municipalities Act stripped them of their responsibilities; they continue to provide convenient boundaries for government uses, especially electoral districts and local service districts. Statistics Canada uses civil parishes as census subdivisions for all parts of the province that are not within municipalities and similar entities.


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