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Musquito (c. 1780 – 25 February 1825) was an Indigenous Australian outlaw, or bushranger, based in Van Diemen's Land. He was born in Sydney Cove or Guring-Gai and transported to Van Diemen's Land for murdering his wife.

After his release he turned to working as an Aboriginal tracker. According to some sources, he supplemented his wages by pimping Aboriginal women to white men. Eventually, he fled to the bush and put together a gang of Aborigines who robbed and murdered white settlers and their farmhands. Eventually captured by an Aboriginal tracker named Tegg, Musquito was convicted of the murder of a Tahitian farm hand named Mammoa while stealing dogs from the Tahitian's employer. Musquito was sentenced to death by hanging. The sentence was carried out at Old Hobart Gaol on 25 February 1825.

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