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Must Destroy is the independent record label that discovered The Darkness and Goldie Lookin' Chain and released records by bands such as Do Me Bad Things, Tramp Attack and Computerman.

With interest in The Darkness from a number of music publishers in the early 2000s, Must Destroy signed a label deal with Warner Music UK's Atlantic division, that included not only The Darkness, but Goldie Lookin' Chain as well.

Must Destroy's final release to date was the single London Girls by LR Rockets on 30 October 2006.


LR Rockets[edit]

London Girls - 7"

Von Bondies[edit]

Tell Me What You See - 7"

Tramp Attack[edit]

1471 - Single
Oh When the Sun Goes Down - Single
8 Years Since School - Single
Attack Attack Attack - Album


Get It On/Rock Against Ass - Single

The Agenda[edit]

Strike Like A Viper! / (Ain't No) Fashion Show! - Single
I Want The Panic! - Single
Crash Crash - Single
Start the Panic - Album

Ten Benson[edit]

Danger of Deaf - Album


Well Connected - Single
I Am A Demon And I Love Rock and Roll - Single


split single (Split with Supenik) Single
Sky Star Jet / Romero Vs. Carmack / Missile Me (Split with Guitar Wolf) - Single
It's On - Single
Born Evil - EP
Virtua Rock - Album
King of the Arcade - Mini Album
Noise Action Noise - Album

Sean Jackson[edit]

Slots - Album

Robert Pollard[edit]

Normal Happiness - Album
I'm a Strong Lion - single
From a Compound Eye - Album


X-Ray Eyes - Single

of Arrowe Hill[edit]

I Are Becoming Instinct - Single
The Springheel Penny Dreadful & Other Tales of Morbid Curiosity... - Album

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