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Mostaccioli dalla campania.jpg
Alternative namesMustaccioli, Mostaccuoli
Place of originItaly
Region or stateNaples
Main ingredientsFlour, almonds, chocolate, sugar, cloves, coffee, olive oil

Mustacciuoli (also known as mustaccioli or mostaccioli) is a traditional pastry from Naples, usually served at Christmas time.

Mustaccioli takes the form of a parallelogram, and consist of a soft, spiced, cake-like interior, covered in chocolate. In recent years, they are many variations of mostaccioli sold in Naples, where the chocolate glaze may be replaced by a white chocolate frosting or icing sugar and candied fruit. Mustacciolis are often sold alongside other Neapolitan sweets including Roccocò, raffiuoli, susamielli, and struffoli at Christmastime.


The name "mustaccioli" is related to the use of grape must in older recipes (mostacea was the Latin name). Neapolitan mostacciolis were mentioned by Bartolomeo Scappi, personal cook of Pope Pius V as part of his pranzo alli XVIII di ottobre (October 18 lunch).[1]

Related sweets in other regions[edit]


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