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Mostaccioli dalla campania.jpg
Alternative names Mustaccioli, Mostaccuoli
Place of origin Italy
Region or state Naples
Main ingredients Flour, almonds, chocolate, sugar, cloves, coffee, olive oil
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Mustacciuoli (also known as mustaccioli or mostaccioli) are traditional pastries from Naples, usually served at Christmas time.


Mustaccioli have a rhomboid, they are about 10-12 cm, although lately has spread a variant mignon measuring about 6 cm. They are covered with a chocolate glaze, while the interior is characterized by a soft taste of honey and candied fruit.


Mustaccioli the name is related to the use of must in the old country recipes (mostacea was the Latin name), with which they were prepared to be more gentle. The mostaccioli Neapolitans are reported by Bartolomeo Scappi, personal cook of Pius V, in his lunch alli XVIII of October [1]


Mustaccioli Neapolitans, despite the same name with many regional Italian desserts based on must not look like any of these. A distant relative of the mustacciolo is the German Printen.

In recent years, they were born many variations of mostaccioli, where the chocolate glaze is replaced by a white chocolate frosting or icing sugar and candied fruit. These sweets are loved especially by the children to their Neapolitan recipe that combines honey and chocolate.

Mustaccioli are often sold along with Roccocò, but also to raffiuoli and susamielli, and together with struffoli are the sweets of the Neapolitan Christmas.

Mostaccioli other regions[edit]

  • Mostaccioli
  • 'Nzuddha- Calabrian version
  • Mustazzoli - Salentin version

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