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Mustafa Abdulkader Aabed al-Ansari (Arabic: مصطفى عبدالقادر عابد الأنصاري‎, Muṣṭafa ‘Abd al-Qader ‘Abed al-Ānṣarī) was a Saudi national who organized and died in the 2004 Yanbu attack in Saudi Arabia. He was also the son-in-law of Yemeni al Qaeda operative Ahmad Mohammad Ali al-Hada. During the 1990s he fought in Afghanistan and Bosnia.

February 12, 2002 Yemeni terror alert[edit]

On February 11, 2002, al-Ansari was named in a suspected Yemen plot, for which he was among 17 suspected terrorists added to the FBI's third major "wanted" list, the "Seeking Information" list.

By February 2003, the FBI removed 6 suspects already jailed rearranged its wanted lists. al-Ansari was one of the remaining eleven Yemen plot suspects.[1] By 2006, al-Ansari had been archived and removed from the FBI's current main wanted page, and were no longer included in the official count of suspects.[2]

Whether foiled, aborted, or merely incorrect specific intelligence, the February 12, 2002 attack never occurred. However, other attacks and plots in Yemen soon followed.

2004 Yanbu attack[edit]

Al-Ansari was killed together with the three other attackers during the 2004 Yanbu attack which he organized in Saudi Arabia on May 1, 2004.[3]


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