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Prof. Mustafa Bilgin Ali Djamgoz (Turkish: Mustafa Bilgin Ali Camgöz) (born in 1952, Nicosia, Cyprus) is Professor of cancer biology at Imperial College London and chairman of the College of Medicine’s Science Council.[1][2]


Djamgoz was born in Nicosia, Cyprus to a Turkish Cypriot family.[3] He emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1970 for his studies. Djamgoz studied at the Imperial College London, where he became a Professor of Neurobiology, and then Professor of Cancer Biology. His scientific consultancies and granting agencies include the Medical Research Council (UK) and the Wellcome Trust.[4][5] In 2002, Djamgoz established the Pro Cancer Research Fund as a registered charity which runs the Amber Care Centre, which is a drop-in centre for people affected by cancer.[6]

Awards and Honours[edit]


Djamgoz has published four books and over 200 primary research papers.[4]


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