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Mustafa Hosny (born 28 August 1978) is an Islamic preacher and televangelist from Egypt.


Hosni received a diploma from an Islamic Studies institute. In 2000, he graduated from Ain Shams University with a bachelor's degree in commerce. He went on to work in sales, but later decided to pursue preaching.



  • Nidaa Al Rahman "The Call of the Most Gracious"
  • Ama Ba'd "And Then (next)"
  • Ahla Haya "The best (most beautiful) life"
  • Law Kano ya3lamon " If they knew..."
  • Ala Bab El Gana "On the doors of Heaven"
  • Khadaouk Fa Kalo "They deceived you & said"
  • Al-Kanz Al-Mafqoud "The lost treasure"
  • Madrasatoo Al-Hoob "School Of Love"
  • O7iboka Rabi "I love you Allah"
  • Ommar El Ard "Land Builders"
  • 3la Tarik Allah "On the way to Allah"
  • SI7r Addounia "Charm of life"
  • Ahl El Jannah "The People of Paradise"
  • 3eesh Ellahda "Live the moment"
  • ensan gdid "a new human"


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