Mustafa Pasha Mosque

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Mustafa Pasha Mosque
Мустафа-пашина џамија
Xhamia e Mustafa Pashës
Mustafa Paşa Camii
Mezquita Mustafa Pasha, Skopie, Macedonia, 2014-04-17, DD 62.JPG
Mustafa Pasha Mosque
Basic information
Location Skopje, Macedonia
Geographic coordinates 42°0′7″N 21°26′7.5″E / 42.00194°N 21.435417°E / 42.00194; 21.435417Coordinates: 42°0′7″N 21°26′7.5″E / 42.00194°N 21.435417°E / 42.00194; 21.435417
Affiliation Islam
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Islamic, Late Classical Ottoman
Completed 1492
Dome(s) 1
Minaret(s) 1
Historical image of Mustapha Pasha Mosque

Mustafa Pasha Mosque (Macedonian: Мустафа-пашина џамија; Albanian: Xhamia e Mustafa Pashës; Turkish: Mustafa Paşa Camii) is an Ottoman-era mosque located in the Old Bazaar of Skopje, Macedonia.


The structure stands on a plateau above the old bazaar, built in 1492 by Mustafa Pasha, vizier on the court of Sultan Selim I.[citation needed] The mosque is largely intact from its original state, and no additions have been made through the years. The body of the daughter of Mustafa Pasha is buried in the türbe next to the mosque. The mosque has a rose garden.

A five-year renovation of the mosque, funded by the Turkish government, was completed in August 2011.[1]