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Mustard may refer to:

  • Mustard plant, one of several plants, having seeds that are used for the condiment
  • Mustard seed, seeds of the mustard plant used in cooking
  • Mustard (condiment), a paste or sauce made from mustard seeds used as a condiment
  • Mustard greens, edible leaves from a variety of mustard plant, Brassica juncea
  • Mustard plaster, a traditional medical treatment used to treat minor ailments, made from mustard seed powder
  • Mustard and cress, a mixture of mustard seeds and garden cress seeds grown as sprouts and used as a sandwich filling or garnish for a salad or other dishes

Other uses[edit]

  • Mustard (album), by Roy Wood
  • MUSTARD, an acronym for an experimental British spacecraft design (Multi-Unit Space Transport and Recovery Device)
  • Mustard (color), a shade of yellow, similar to the color of the condiment
  • Mustard (software), a microblogging client software application for Android



Fictional names[edit]