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Mustasch at the Ilosaarirock festival in 2013.
Mustasch at the Ilosaarirock festival in 2013.
Background information
OriginGothenburg, Sweden
GenresStoner rock, heavy metal, speed metal
Years active1998–present
LabelsRegain Records, EMI, Nuclear Blast
Associated actsSparzanza, Librah, The Bandit Metalizers, Cable Hogs, Jug McKenzie, B-Thong
MembersRalf Gyllenhammar
Stam Johansson
David Johannesson
Robban Bäck
Past membersHannes Hansson
Mats Hansson
Danne McKenzie
Jejo Perković

Mustasch is a heavy metal[1] band from Sweden. They were formed in the fall of 1998 by Ralf Gyllenhammar, Hannes Hansson, Mats Hansson, and Stam Johansson in Gothenburg.

Band history[edit]

Mustasch was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1998, and recorded demos at "The Mustasch Farm" on the island Orust which were released through different record labels around the world in small numbers. In 2001 they released their first EP The True Sound of the New West, embarked on a tour, and started to make a name for themselves in the Swedish metal scene. They chose the name Mustasch because many of their musical heroes had moustaches; such as Freddie Mercury from Queen and Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath.[2]

The band went on to release Above All in 2002 and Ratsafari in 2003, both of which were nominated for Swedish Grammies and helped the band to build their reputation. The band continued to tour hard, and released Powerhouse in 2005 before switching record labels. The switch to Regain Records was made to get the proper channels to sell metal records and the fact that the label was based near Gothenburg.[3]

With their new record label, they were given complete creative control[4] and in 2006 they released an EP entitled Parasite!. It was soon followed up with their 2007 album, Latest Version of the Truth, which led to their first Swedish Grammy award after being nominated twice in the past. Following the album's release, the band postponed further recordings, instead favoring an extensive touring schedule to promote themselves; this also led to the release of the compilation album Lowlife Highlights.[4]

In June 2008, guitarist Hannes Hansson announced that he would leave the band due to family reasons: "It's been a fantastic period of ten years with the band, but now the band has grown so much with touring all over the world. It takes too much from my family and other things in life which I now want to put all my priority to."[5]

The band continued their scheduled tour with various replacements before David Johannesson from Swedish metal band Sparzanza was chosen as a permanent replacement.[6]

In late-spring 2009 Mustasch started to work on their new album, also announcing that drummer Mats 'Dojan' Hansson had left the band because of arthritis; Danne McKenzie, who had played with the band on numerous occasions, took the spot. On August 19, 2009, the band announced that they had finished recording their new album, entitled Mustasch, and that it will be released on September 30 in Finland and Sweden, October 5 in Denmark and Norway, and the rest of the world in early 2010. The first single from the album is entitled "Mine".

In November 2011 the band made the song "The Challenger", which became a hit. It made a breakthrough in all of Scandinavia, and will go global with their new world-tour.[citation needed]

On 22 December 2015, Mustasch announced Robban Bäck would become a full-time member.[citation needed]

Mustasch and MIND.SE[edit]

In August 2019, Mustasch teamed up with Mental Illness Charity, to highlight issues of suicide rates among young men. They launched a campaign to help tackle this issue. Talking about their new single, What Is Wrong (which is also the name of the campaign), singer, Ralf Gyllenhammar says “‘What Is Wrong’ is our fight song for young men suffering from mental illness. Men are expected to be strong and dare not seek help. We want to change that in Mustache [sic]. That's why we are now starting the #whatiswrong campaign.”

Gyllenhammar continues “Our goal is to raise SEK 200,000. That amount allows Mind's volunteers to receive 600 calls from support applicants in the Suicide Line. It is conversation that saves lives.”[7]

Line up[edit]

Arvika, July 2009

Current members

  • Ralf Gyllenhammar – vocals and rhythm guitars
  • David Johannesson – lead guitar
  • Stam Johansson – bass guitar
  • Robban Bäck – drums

Former members

  • Hannes Hansson – rhythm guitars
  • Mats 'Dojan' Hansson – drums, percussion
  • Danne Mckenzie – drums
  • Jejo Perković – drums, percussion

Sessions members

  • Kristian Laimaa – rhythm guitars
  • Martin Boman – rhythm guitars
  • Leif Larsson – bass guitar
  • Danne McKenzie – drums



Studio albums

Year Album Peak positions Certification
2002 Above All 22  –
2003 Ratsafari 20  –
2005 Powerhouse 10  –
2007 Latest Version of the Truth 3  –
2009 Mustasch 5 35
2011 The New Sound of the True Best
(old tracks re-recorded)
2 17
2012 Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven 4 6
2014 Thank You for the Demon 5 4
2015 Testosterone 10 17[10]
2018 Silent Killer 4
2019 Killing It for Life 38


Year Album Peak positions Certification
2001 The True Sound of the New West  –  –
2006 Parasite! 22  –

Live recordings

  • 2008 In the Night (DVD)

Compilation albums

Year Album Peak positions Certification
2008 Lowlife Highlights 22  –
2009 Singles A's & B's  –  –


Year Single Peak positions Album
2002 "I Hunt Alone" 57 Above All
"Down in Black"  –
2003 "Black City" 52 Ratsafari
2004 "6:36"  –
2005 "Dogwash"  – Powerhouse
"I'm Alright"  –
2007 "Double Nature" 2 Latest Version of the Truth
"Bring Me Everyone" 25
2008 "Spreading the Worst"  –
2009 "Mine" 9 Mustasch
2012 "The Challenger"  – Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven
2013 "Feared and Hated"  – Thank You for the Demon
2016 "Midnight Runner"  – Non-album track
2017 "Änglahund" 91
2017 "Hound From Hell"  –
2017 "Lawbreaker"  – Silent Killer
2018 "Fire"  –
2018 "Winners"  –

Demos and other appearances[edit]

  • 1999 Daredevil Magazine / Burn the Streets Vol. 1
  • 1999 Molten Universe - Volume One
  • 2000 Underdogma - Judge Not ...
  • 2000 Daredevil Magazine / Burned Down to Zero
  • 2002 All Areas Volume 29
  • 2003 All Areas Volume 44
  • 2002 The Encyclopedia Of Swedish Hard Rock And Heavy Metal, Volume II
  • 2003 Music Plato Mania Sampler Volume 1
  • 2003 Off Road Tracks Vol. 65
  • 2003 P3 Popstad 2003 Växjö
  • 2007 Target Roskilde 07


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