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Musti by Ray Goossens

Musti is a cartoon character, created by Flemish graphic artist Ray Goossens in 1969, according to the official Musti website. Some sources indicate that Musti was designed in 1945, but there is no documentation to support this claim. Musti is a little cat, more formally a kitten, living with his mother and father in a little house in a rural village, surrounded by a large garden with animals and trees.

Television series[edit]

In 1969, Musti was developed into an animated series. In every episode, a specific story is told in a couple of minutes. The subjects are always linked to the world of small children, combining anthropomorphic animals and realistic situations. In the 1990s a different series was made, with a white background, with Musti's original pronunciation (Muh-sti) now pronounced as Moo-sti. In total, 156 episodes have been made, airing in Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, Turkey, Japan, Portugal, and 18 other countries.

In 2007, a new television series has been created. Instead of the flat 2D images with a white background, the new series are entirely rendered in 3D. The new series will be airing in Belgium, The Netherlands, Israel, Norway, Japan, Croatia, Portugal and the United States on BabyFirst TV. Al-Jazeera will be airing the series throughout the Arabic world.[1]

Musti was first broadcast in 1969, on Flemish television. The original narrator was Rachel Frederix. Since 2007, her successor is Kristel Van Craen.

In the Netherlands, Musti appeared on television in 1980. The narrators were Arnold Gelderman and Marijke Merckens. The series was shown on BabyFirst TV in the United States.


The Flemish publisher Standaard Uitgeverij carries an extensive portfolio of Musti children's books, targeting children 3-6.

Another publisher Dupuis, printed a number of Musti children's comics in French, based on its appearances in the magazine Bonne Soirée.


Recently, a number of educational software programs were developed with Musti as the lead character. They are currently only available in Dutch.

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