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The Holy Trinity Unitarian Church in Mustvee.
The Holy Trinity Unitarian Church in Mustvee.
Mustvee is located in Estonia
Location in Estonia
Coordinates: 58°50′56″N 26°56′37″E / 58.84889°N 26.94361°E / 58.84889; 26.94361Coordinates: 58°50′56″N 26°56′37″E / 58.84889°N 26.94361°E / 58.84889; 26.94361
CountryFlag of Estonia.svg Estonia
CountyJõgevamaa lipp.svg Jõgeva County
 • Total5.45 km2 (2.10 sq mi)
 • Total1,286
 • Rank45th
 • Density240/km2 (610/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Mustvee is a town in Mustvee Parish, Estonia. It lies on the shore of Lake Peipus in Jõgeva County. Its population of 1,600 is approximately half Estonian and half Russian. The name of Mustvee was first recorded in 1343 at the time of reign of Livonian order. It became a haven for Russian Old Believers after the Russian government declared them outlaws in 1658. Mustvee has held fairs for the past two centuries. Due to its position at the broadest part of the lake, this traditional fishing town is increasingly popular as a tourist centre. The new Harbor of Mustvee was opened 18.12.2014.

List of mayors of Mustvee[edit]

* Office Name Notes
1 1938–1939 Valter Kulli Mayor, first mayor of Mustvee
2 1939–1940 Mihkel Koppel Mayor
3 1940–1941 Nikifor Semjonov Chairman of Executive Committee
4 1941 Nazar Lizarov Chairman of Executive Committee
5 1941–1944 Mihkel Ots Mayor
6 1944–1945 Sergei Kaimov Chairman of Executive Committee
7 1945–1947 Nikolai Kussov Chairman of Executive Committee
8 1947–1948 Vassili Tchernyshev Chairman of Executive Committee
27 1948–1950 Hariton Bezzubov Chairman of Executive Committee
28 1950–1952 Tihon Klimov Chairman of Executive Committee
29 1952–1957 Luka Uleksin Chairman of Executive Committee
30 1957–1959 Ivan Storosko Chairman of Executive Committee
31 1959–1982 Elmar Peterson Chairman of Executive Committee
31 1982–1984 Vello Mäesepp Chairman of Executive Committee
31 1984–1996 Andres Rebane Chairman of Executive Committee; Mayor
34 1996–1997 Aare Uleksin Mayor
34 1997–2002 Pavel Kostromin Mayor
35 2002–2007 Gennadi Kulkov Mayor
36 2007–2009 Mati Kepp Mayor
37 2009 Lembit Kivimurd Mayor
38 2009–2010 Mati Kepp Mayor
39 2010–2011 Urmas Laur Mayor
40 2012–2013 Pavel Kostromin Mayor
43 2013 – present Max Kaur Mayor


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