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Mutalau is the northernmost village

Mutalau is a village on Niue, with a population of 133 as of the 2001 census. It was previously known as Ululauta and Matahefonua. Ululauta and Matahefonua both mean "head of the land". Mutalau is the most northern village on Niue. The name "Mutalau Ululauta Matahefonua" is adopted by the Mutalau people in Auckland, New Zealand as the name for their trust called the Mutalau Ululauta Matahefonua Trust MUMT. Mutalau have a community hall call Salim Hall, named after the head of the UN Decolonisation Committee that came to Niue in the early 70s to meet with Niueans and discuss the road map toward self-government. Mutalau have two major events held each year, one is the Mutalau Marine Day held every Queen's Birthday where fishing competition and selling food held at the Uluvehi park. The Mutalau Show Day is held in the final Saturday of October to commemorate and celebrate and landing of the gospel in Niue, which happen in Uluvehi on 26 October 1846 brought in Peniamina with the help of Toimata Fakafitifonua.


Mutalau is located in the north of Niue.


1846 - Peniamina landed at Uluvehi with the help of Toimata Fakafitienua.


Mutalau have also produce some prominent Niuean, who have also become prominent New Zealand citizens. Pauly Fuemana the man behind the "How bizzare" song, the first hit from New Zealand to top the music charts in many countries. His father full blooded Niuean is from Mutalau. Che Fu is also another New Zealand popular artist of Niuean descent, his father Tigilau Ness is full blooded Niuean from Mutalau.

Mutalau Land Committee[edit]

Chairperson: Frank Sioneholo

Deputy Chair: Maka Ioane

Members: Bill Vakaafi Motufoou MP, Sifa Ioane, Toni Kalauni Snr, Sam Tutogia Makatogia, vacant

Secretary: vacant

The Mutalau Village Council (MVC) is very active in promoting and implementing community development projects. In 1996 a workshop was hosted by the Mutalau Village Council focusing on Designing and Developing Community Projects, consultants for the worskhop was funded by NZAID. The outcome of this worskhop where various projects was formulated, the projects includes:

  • Kofekofe Sports Ground;
  • Eco-tourism;
  • Uluvehi Sea Track;

At the moment MVC is implementing two projects with funding support from the European Union. The Eco-tourism project focuses developing a reacreation building, walking tracks and access to caves and reefs around the Uluvehi coastal areas. The Mutalau Coconut Oil focuses on producing coconut oil for skincare and later on for bio-fuel.

International Relations[edit]

Mutalau have an online virtual group Cyber Muta used for sharing and exchanging information (news, views, reports, images, family notices) to Mutalau people living in different places in the World, Niue, New Zealand, Australia, USA and so forth. There is a Mutalau group in Auckland call Mutalau Ululauta Matahefonua Trust MUMT and Sons and Daughters of Mutalau in Australia SADOMIA based in Sydney, and another group in Brisbane. These groups are actively involved in raising funds, contributing items and offering sponsorships, especially for the Cyclone Heta recovery, Marine Days and Show Days.

The countries and international agencies that have assisted Mutalau with development projects are listed below. The people of Mutalau acknowledges their kind assistance and further seek their assistance for more development projects and contribute towards our social and economic development:

  • European Union - Coconut Oil Project, Uluvehi Recreation Facility
  • Australia - Bathroom Facilities at Salim Hall
  • New Zealand - Re-construction of road and ramp to the sea at Uluvehi, Plaque for Uluvehi Park, Vanilla Project (national project)
  • UNCCD - Sustainable Land Management Project, Mutalau Farm


Mutalau have 12,331 vanilla vines in July 2008 which is about 33 percent of Niue's total.

Tourism Development[edit]

The Mutalau Village Fiafia Night was designed and ready for service on 25 July 2009, a special evening/night of tours, culture and cuisine for the tourists.

Coordinates: 18°56′S 169°50′W / 18.933°S 169.833°W / -18.933; -169.833