Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden cover art.png
Cover art featuring three playable characters (from left to right): Bormin, Selma and Dux
Developer(s)The Bearded Ladies
Director(s)David Skarin
Producer(s)Mark Parker
Designer(s)Lee Varley
ReleaseDecember 4, 2018
Genre(s)Turn-based strategy, role-playing

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a turn-based strategy role-playing video game developed by The Bearded Ladies and published by Funcom. Based on the tabletop role-playing game Mutant Year Zero, the game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in December 2018.


After a global nuclear war, many humans and animals have transformed into mutants, having been affected by radiation. The Elder, the only person with the knowledge of the past, resides in the Ark, a sanctuary. With severe resource shortages, the base sends out the Stalker team to scavenge resources in the surrounding wasteland known as the Zone.[1]


The game was described by publisher Funcom as a "tactical adventure" game, played from an isometric perspective. There are three difficulty levels for players to choose from.[2] Players control a party of three characters as they navigate the game's world.[3] Different characters have different abilities and skills. Selma, a mutated human character, is an expert in explosives; Dux, a duck hybrid, is equipped with a long-range crossbow; Bormin uses shotguns as one of its weapons.[4] Each character also has their own passive, minor and major mutation attacks that can be activated and customized.[5] The team as a whole levels up as the game progresses, and new weapons and gears could be unlocked. The game also features a skill tree,[6] and a branching story.[7] There are five characters for players to choose from, including three default characters and two recruitable ones.[8]

Gameplay alternates between turn-based strategy combat and real-time exploration.[9] The Zone is a series of interconnected maps that players can freely explore. In the Zone, players could collect different artifacts, scraps and weapon parts which can be used to purchase new gears and tools in the Ark, the game's hub world.[10][11] To explore the world, flashlights can be used to spot different objects, though this draws unwanted enemy attention.[6] In real-time, players can split up the party and guide them in different tactical positions to stage an ambush. Once players enter combat, the game shifts to a turn-based mode, similar to Firaxis' XCOM reboot series. After players finish a turn, enemies controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) would move and respond.[12] Players can also kill an enemy stealthily. If other enemies are not alerted to the player's presence, players can continue exploring in real-time.[13]


The game was developed by Swedish developer The Bearded Ladies, a team founded by former IO Interactive developers.[14] The designer of the Payday franchise, Ulf Andersson, served as the game's creative consultant.[1] The game is based on the Swedish table-top role-playing game Mutant Year Zero. Initially, the team planned to create an open world game, but the team scrapped the idea because it did not blend well with the turn-based combat. Permadeath and recruitable soldiers were planned, but they were removed as the team believed that this would compromise the game's story. To facilitate players' exploration, environmental storytelling became one of the team's focus.[15]

Funcom announced the game in March 2018.[7] The game was released on December 4 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.[16] It was also part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription programme.[3] In addition to the standard edition, players can purchase the Deluxe Edition, which includes a book, the game's original soundtracks, wallpaper, and other items.[17]


The game received generally positive reviews from critics according to review aggregator Metacritic.[18]


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