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Mutasa North is a constituency of Zimbabwe. It belongs to the province of Manicaland. Mutasa North Constituency in Manicaland Province. It is home to Honde Valley, Zindi, Hauna Business Centre and Green Valley. It is known for its rich soils and apple production. Majority of the residence find employment in the vast plantations. Mutasa North has a mixed and fair infrastructure development.

Demographic characteristics[edit]

The constituency has 29,627 registered voters according to the 2008 ZEC Delimitation Report.

Election Results[edit]

In the 2005 general election the candidate of the Zanu PF was declared the winner, with an overall majority. This was in contrast to the fact that the candidate of the MDC polled an overall majority.[citation needed]

In 2008 David Anthony Chimhini of MDC-T won against Major General Michael Nyambuya.