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Mutation Sensation is a recycling project based on reusing discarded “stuffed animals” toys.

The concept has become an evolutionary project that reconstructs the way people think about the market economy in reference to mass production (of toys, in this case) which symbolizes the early education of abundance as pleasure. It is also awakening an avenue that opens eyes to the possibilities of alternative equal rights relations between the producers and the consumers of the world. With respect to the inequality of the market, the 1st Mutation Sensation session occurred during a festival under various gamey stipulations such as: long hours, unfavourable work conditions and no pay. It was an intense lesson as to how much work is involved in sewing toys. Somewhere on the line, someone is suffering market demands. The Mutations have continued to develop amongst recycling festivals and childhood ecological recycling projects.

Mutation Sensations serve an important demand for performing illusionary transformations and possible elimination of iconographic plush toys into futuristic idealism.

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