Mutha's Day Out

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Mutha's Day Out
Mutha's Day Out.jpg
Mutha's Day Out
Background information
OriginBatesville, Arkansas
GenresAlternative metal, funk metal, rap metal, hardcore punk
Years active1991–1994
Associated actsGazer
Past membersMikal Moore
Brice Stephens
Randy Cross
Chuck Schaaf
Lance Branstetter
Jeff Morgan
Rodney Moffitt

Mutha's Day Out is an alternative metal band formed in November 1991 from the town of Batesville, Arkansas. The band consisted of: Michael Moorehead (vocals), Brice Stephens (vocals), Chuck Schaaf (guitar), Jeff Morgan (bass), and Rodney Moffitt (drums). They released one album, My Soul is Wet, in 1993 for Chrysalis Records before breaking up.

In early 2012, it was announced on Mikal's Facebook account that a reunion is in the works. However, there have been no further updates since 2017.


Early days (1991-1992)[edit]

Mikal Moore (born Michael Morehead) and Randy Cross conceived Mutha's Day Out through influence of the Beastie Boys, with three vocalists (Mikal, Brice Stephens, and Randy). The name was thought up by Brice and came from a daycare center in Batesville that kids could go to for pre-school in Methodist churches. Jeff Morgan had just been kicked out of a band he and Chuck Schaaf were in when Mikal asked him to be in a band that would sound like "Faith No More, Beastie Boys, and Ozzy Osbourne." The band was rounded out by Rodney Moffitt, who played drums, and Lance Branstetter, who played guitar, with Chuck serving as his guitar tech. When the band first came together, Lance was 21 years old, Mikal was 20 years old, Brice was 18 years old, Chuck was 17 years old, Rodney was 17 years old, and Jeff was 15 years old.

In April 1992, the band traveled to Memphis, Tennessee in search of a cheap recording studio. They found the studio they were looking for belonging to recording engineers Doug Easley and Davis McCain. After producing Mutha's Day Out's first demo in studio, which consisted of 15 tracks, Doug booked the band to play in the Crossroads Music Festival that week. In the same performance, Mutha's Day Out's first, a representative from Chrysalis Records, Karen DuMont (who currently still works with Mikal), was present to see and sign another band. After seeing MDO's performance, she offered them a chance to go to the studio the next day, while receiving a record contract as well. Soon after the band signed a songwritng agreement with leading independent music publisher, Hit & Run Music Publishing, being championed by Joey Gmerek and Dave Massey in the New York and London offices.

My Soul is Wet (1993)[edit]

They went to the studio to record their only album, My Soul is Wet. Randy Cross left the band the day after they got the record label and Lance was kicked out a week afterwards; the band replaced Lance with Chuck. Halfway through the production of the album, Greenforth Pham, a Vietnamese boy who was a close friend of Mikal and Brice's, committed suicide, and thus the album was dedicated in his memory ("Green"). The album was finished and then released on October 19, 1993. Chrysalis released four singles from the album: "Locked", "My Soul is Wet", "Green" and "What U See/We All Bleed Red". The first three singles were accompanied by music videos, with "Locked" being used on a segment of Beavis and Butthead in the episode "Crisis Line".

Tour (1994)[edit]

Mutha's Day Out toured the United States and Europe from late 1993 to late 1994. They were opening for such bands as Jackyl, King's X, Overkill, Sugartooth, and BulletBoys. Jeff, at one point during the tour, was in a leg brace having dislocated his knee the night before at a club gig in Birmingham, Alabama, but was still insistent on playing. During their tour in the United States, they stayed in cheap hotels to lower the cost of the record company's tour bill.

In the European leg of their tour, however, the band gained great notoriety, especially in France. There are many diehard fans to this day that are concentrated around Paris. Their only live record (EP) was recorded in the Virgin Megastore in Paris to a strong audience of loyal fans and contains 5 tracks. The band also performed at major rock festivals such as Winterthur in Switzerland.

Breakup (1994)[edit]

Mikal left the band in September 1994, but this had been discussed and dealt with already with Chrysalis before the album even came out. He was obligated to do the tour, however, and couldn't leave until that part of the deal was fulfilled. After Mikal left, the band decided to call it quits rather than continue forward with a new singer. The main reason the band broke up is that they were all going in different directions musically and it ripped apart the band. Had the band stayed together, Chuck and Jeff would have done most of the writing and gone in a much darker direction (with a sound similar to Kreator). In the aftermath, Mikal obtained the rights to Mutha's Day Out and still owns the rights to this day.

Mortal Kombat (1995)[edit]

Mutha's Day Out appeared in the 1995 movie Mortal Kombat during Scene 2 while Sonya searches for Kano at a nightclub in Hong Kong, amongst a large crowd moshing to them. They received a call on tour and were asked to take a few days to go to Hollywood and film their scene. Their song, "What U See", is featured on the soundtrack to Mortal Kombat. It is looped three times to form a four-minute song. The looped song also features a short cowbell intro and the removal of the foul language the song had originally contained, although some copies of the soundtrack do have the profanity included. The movie grossed over 100 million dollars and the soundtrack went platinum in 10 days.


Mikal is married with three daughters and is the lead vocalist for the Christian rock band Gazer. Brice Stephens is currently living in Orlando, Florida and recently got married. Jeff Morgan returned to Batesville and plays drums for a band called Rwake; he is married with a son and daughter. Chuck Schaaf played in Rwake until 2002 and has since then formed a band called Deadbird in Fayetteville, Arkansas with his brother, Phillip; he recently married. Lance Branstetter is married and owns his own recording studio in Batesville; he also helps run a large farming operation owned by his family. Randy Cross is currently a loan officer at a bank in Batesville and teaching banking and accounting classes at a local college. Rodney Moffitt returned to Batesville and worked for the city mowing yards, and now works for a contractor hanging dry wall and is married.

Reunion (2012)[edit]

In January 2012, Mikal announced via his Facebook account that a Mutha's Day Out reunion is in the works, with Chuck and Jeff returning to the band, as well as adding a new drummer and removing the back-up singer. Details about new material and tour dates are TBA. However, nothing has surfaced as of 2017.



  • Mikal Moore - lead vocals (1991-1994)
  • Brice Stephens - vocals (1991-1994)
  • Randy Cross - vocals (1991-1993)
  • Chuck Schaaf - guitar (1993-1994)
  • Lance Branstetter - guitar (1991-1993)
  • Jeff Morgan - bass guitar (1991-1994)
  • Rodney Moffitt - drums (1991-1994)


My Soul is Wet (1993)[edit]

  • Produced by Eli Ball at The Warehouse Studio in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Released October 19, 1993


  • Mikal Moore
  • Rodney Moffitt
2."My Soul is Wet"
  • Moore
  • Moffitt
  • Chuck Schaaf
  • Jeff Morgan
  • Brice Stephens
  • Moore
  • Schaaf
4."What U See/We All Bleed Red"
  • Moore
  • Lance Branstetter
5."Dry Water"
  • Moore
  • Branstetter
6."Ding Ding Man"Stephens0:43
7."Get A Clue"
  • Moore
  • Moffitt
  • Morgan
8."Blank Page"
  • Moore
  • Stephens
  • Morgan
  • Branstetter
9."Memories Fade"
  • Moore
  • Schaaf
  • Morgan
10."Breakfast First Please"
  • Moore
  • Branstetter
11."Wait for Me"
  • Moore
  • Schaaf
  • Moore
  • Morgan
Total length:46:09