Mutha River

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Mutha River
Mutha River near Pune Municipal Corporation
 - location Pune District, Pune, Sahyadri

The Mutha River[1] is a river in western Maharashtra, India. It arises in the Western Ghats and flows eastward until it merges with the Mula River in the city of Pune. It has been dammed twice, first at the Panshet Dam (on the Ambi River), used as a source of drinking water for Pune city and irrigation. The water released here is dammed again at Khadakwasla and is an important source of drinking water for Pune. One more dam has been built later on the Mutha river at Temghar.

After merging with the Mula River in Pune, it flows on as the Mula-Mutha River to join the Bhima River.

In 2014, the Government of Maharashtra announced that the Pune Municipal Corporation would build new Sewage treatment plants to ensure that no sewage would be dumped into the river.[2]

The Mutha river between Onkareshwar temple and Shivaji bridge in the 1980s


Coordinates: 18°31′51″N 73°51′38″E / 18.53083°N 73.86056°E / 18.53083; 73.86056