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Tourist Spot
Nickname(s): Pearl Valley
Muthyalamaduvu is located in Karnataka
Location in Karnataka, India
Coordinates: 12°41′17″N 77°39′52″E / 12.688097°N 77.664485°E / 12.688097; 77.664485Coordinates: 12°41′17″N 77°39′52″E / 12.688097°N 77.664485°E / 12.688097; 77.664485

Muthyalamaduvu is a tourist attraction located near Anekal, Karnataka. The place is also known as Pearl Valley.


It is located 5km from Anekal. From the Anekal-Thally Road, you will have to take a right turn to reach Muthyalamaduvu.


The place is famous for its waterfall and the beautiful mountain ranges it overlooks. The water from the falls slides down the flora of the place creating an illusion of a string of pearls, hence the name Pearl Valley.


Near the waterfall, there is a temple (dedicated to Lord Shiva). A puja (prayer) is done once every morning.

The place has a rich concentration of birds owing to the presence of the waterfall. The mountain ranges presents opportunities for trekking enthusiasts.