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Mutiny-Aus 2011.jpg
Background information
OriginMelbourne, Australia
GenresFolk Punk
Years active1991–present
MembersChris Patches
Greg Stainsby
Alice Green
Calum Holland
Marko Jennings
Kav Kavanagh

Mutiny are an Australian folk punk band based in Melbourne. Their slogan is "Folk punk for punk folk". They first formed in 1991 and have performed in Australia, Europe and the US. The original members were Chris Patches (vocals, drums), Greg Stainsby (guitar, mandolin), Briony Grigg (vocals, 12 string guitar), and Alice Green (bass). Chris originally sang in Melbourne crust band Compost. Greg and Alice were members of Melbourne punk band Insyte. Their songs tend to revolve around lives and issues of the working class and convicts, with a strong thread of Australian history throughout all of their releases. Their sound is often referred to as 'pirate' as their melding of folk sounds with punk imagery, politics and style gives many of their songs the feel of a jig. The use of a mandolin and piano accordion add to this feel as well. They have a strong anti-authoritarian philosophy and this comes out in their music and live shows. They played throughout the UK and Europe in 1994 and again through Europe in 1997. They also toured the United States in 1999. Greg Stainsby, Alice Green and Mark Jennings are currently also in The Currency.


Past members:

  • Briony Grigg (1991-1999: vocals, 12 string guitar, mandolin)
  • L'hibou Hornung (1992-1994: violin)
  • Michelle Lewit (1996-1997: violin)
  • Damien Shepherd (1998 - 1999: drums)
  • Dan Green (2002-2004: piano accordion)




Compilation tracks[edit]

  • "Here's to Adventure" on 0 to 60 in 59 bands (2007 No!No Records)
  • "Struggle Town" and "Digging for Gold" on Shite 'n' Onions Vol 2: What the Shite (2006 Omnium Records)

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