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Mutsu-Yokohama Station

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Mutsu-Yokohama Station

East Japan Railway Company
Mutsu-Yokohama Station in October 2013
General information
LocationTatenoshiro 21, Yokohama-machi, Kamikita-gun, Aomori-ken 039-4133
Coordinates41°05′12.09″N 141°14′59.67″E / 41.0866917°N 141.2499083°E / 41.0866917; 141.2499083
Operated by JR East
Line(s) Ōminato Line
Distance30.1 km from Noheji
Platforms1 island platform
Structure typeAt grade
Other information
WebsiteOfficial website
Opened20 March 1921
FY201870 (daily)
Preceding station Logo of the East Japan Railway Company (JR East) JR East Following station
Shimokita Chikagawa
(limited service)
towards Ōminato
towards Noheji
Ōminato Line Arihata
towards Ōminato
Mutsu-Yokohama Station is located in Aomori Prefecture
Mutsu-Yokohama Station
Mutsu-Yokohama Station
Location within Aomori Prefecture
Mutsu-Yokohama Station is located in Japan
Mutsu-Yokohama Station
Mutsu-Yokohama Station
Mutsu-Yokohama Station (Japan)

Mutsu-Yokohama Station (陸奥横浜駅, Mutsu-Yokohama-eki) is a railway station in the town of Yokohama, Kamikita District, Aomori Prefecture, Japan, operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East).[1][2]



Mutsu-Yokohama Station is served by the Ōminato Line, and is located 30.1 kilometers from the official starting point of the line at Noheji Station.[2] It is also served by the Shimokita express train service connecting Hachinohe with Ōminato

Station layout


The station has a single unnumbered island platform serving two tracks, with a small spur line for trains to be taken off the main rails for maintenance. The platform is connected to the small station building by a level crossing. The station is unattended.[2][1]


Station side  Ōminato Line for Shimokita and Ōminato
Opposite side  Ōminato Line for Noheji and Aomori



Mutsu-Yokohama Station was opened on March 20, 1921 as a station on the Japanese Government Railways (JGR). All freight operations were discontinued as of March 15, 1973.[3] With the privatization of the Japanese National Railways (JNR) on April 1, 1987, it came under the operational control of JR East.

Surrounding area

  • Yokohama Town Hall
  • Yokohama Post Office

Passenger statistics


In fiscal 2018, the station was used by an average of 70 passengers daily (boarding passengers only).[4]


Mutsu-Yokohama Station was the setting of episode 18 and the final episode of the TV anime series Clannad-After Story broadcast from 2008 to 2009. The series also featured the rapeseed fields of Yokohama, and continues to draw fans to the station.

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