Mutsumi Inomata

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Mutsumi Inomata
Born (1960-12-23) December 23, 1960 (age 59)
OccupationIllustrator and Animator

Mutsumi Inomata (いのまたむつみ, Inomata Mutsumi, born December 23, 1960 in Kanagawa Prefecture) is a Japanese illustrator and animator.


An anime fan, Inomata began working for Ashi Productions, working as an animator, key animation director and character designer on several anime television series.

In 1982, she left the staff of Ashi Productions, and joined Kaname Productions, working as an animator, animation director and character designer on several of its series. In 1983, she also made her debut as a manga artist, with her work GB Bomber being featured in Tokuma Shoten's The Motion Comic. Later, in 1984, she left Kaname Productions and continued her work as a freelance animator.

Inomata is noted for her work as an animator, character designer and animation director on several anime titles, including Windaria, Plawres Sanshirō, Future GPX Cyber Formula, and Brain Powerd.

Inomata is also a prolific novel illustrator, known for her vivid watercolor paintings which often center around young women with wide, jewel-like eyes. Many of her illustrations are collected in her artbooks, which include Voice of the Stars, Dreams of the Moon (星の聲月の夢), Eccelente, SAI, and numerous others. Her representative works as a novel illustrator are for the Utsunomiko (宇宙皇子) series written by Keisuke Fujikawa (藤川圭介) and Weathering Continent (風の大陸) series by author Sei Takegawa (竹河聖). She is also noted for being the main character designer on a number of titles in Namco's Tales of series of video games.



  • GB Bomber (Motion Comics)
  • Nyan no Ohanashi (Anime Juke Mix) - based on her love for cats.


  • Inomata Mutsumi Lovely Collection
  • Inomata Mutsumi Art Collection - Utsunomiko (いのまたむつみ画集 宇宙皇子)
  • Voice of the Stars, Dreams of the Moon (星の聲月の夢)
  • Utsunomiko 2 (宇宙皇子2)
  • Mikan Story (みかんSTORY)
  • Dragon Quest
  • Eccellente
  • SAI (彩)
  • Tales
  • Un Ballo En Maschera, The Weathering Continent




  • Dennō Keisatsu Cyber Cop (Luna design)

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