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Mutton usually refers to sheep meat.

Mutton may also refer to:

  • Mutton, a 2012 novel by India Knight
  • Muttonbirding, the seasonal harvesting of the chicks of petrels for food, oil and feathers
  • Mutton Bird Island, an irregularly shaped island in south-eastern Australia
  • Mutton Brook, a stream that runs between East Finchley and Hendon in the Borough of Barnet, London, England
  • Mutton busting, an event for children held at rodeos similar to bronc riding
  • Mutton chops (sideburns), patches of facial hair grown on the sides of the face
  • "Mutton quad" (em quad), a space of 1 em width in typography
  • Mutton snapper, a species of fish
  • "Mutton" used interchangeably with "goat meat" in some Asian and Indian cooking
  • The Mutton Birds, a band from New Zealand

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