Mutumuna Falls

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Mutumuna Falls is a wide waterfall in Zambia. It is approximately 20 m in height.[1]

Location and significance[edit]

It is above the Chishimba Falls and the spirit of Mutumuna is believed by the Bemba people to reside there. The High Priest of Mutumuna makes regular offerings at the falls. The sacred nature of the falls prohibits sexual intercourse, arrogance and quarrelsomeness in the vicinity of the falls.[2]


Mutumuna Falls received much attention for hydroelectric development, supplying power to the relatively busy town of Kasama and other neighboring villages.[3]


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Coordinates: 10°06′17.9″S 30°54′56.8″E / 10.104972°S 30.915778°E / -10.104972; 30.915778