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Muzaffer Ozak (1916 - February 12, 1985) was one of the head sheikhs of the Halveti-Jerrahi order of Dervishes, a traditional muslim Sufi order (tarika) from Istanbul (Turkey). In western countries he is well known because of his visits to Europe and the United States of America where he celebrated public dhikrs (Remembrance of God; in Turkish "zikrullah") with his dervishes. He is also well known in Turkey for his "ilahis," religious Sufi hymns. Ozak also ran a bookstore in the Sahaflar Çarşısı in Istanbul. Tosun Bayrak and Fariha Fatima de Menil in North America and Tugrul Inancer in Turkey are among his most prominent disciples and successors.


  • Irşad
    • English: Irshad – Wisdom of a Sufi Master
  • Aşk Yolu Vuslat Tariki
    • English: The Unveiling of Love
    • Spanish: La Develación del Amor
  • Envar-ül-Kulub
    • English: Lights of the Hearts
  • Ziynet-ül-Kulub
    • English: Adornment of Hearts
  • Gülsar-i Arifan
  • Hazret-i Meryem (not published in Turkish)
    • English: Blessed Virgin Mary
    • German: Die gesegnete Jungfrau Maria im Islam
    • Spanish: Mariam
  • Sofiyye Sohbetleri (not published in Turkish)
    • English: Garden of Dervishes
  • Love is the Wine (edited by Robert Frager)
    • German: Der Wein der Sufis (zusammengestellt von Robert Frager)
      • (Title of first edition: Liebe ist der Wein)
    • Spanish: El Amor es el Vino (recompilado por R. Frager)


  • LP Halveti-Jerrahi-Dhikr
    • Journey To The Lord Of Power
  • CD Chant des Derviches de Turquie
    • La Cérémonie du Zikr
    • (5. Festival des Arts Traditionnels 1978, Rennes, France)
  • CD Garden of Paradise
    • Sufi Ceremony of Remembrance
    • (recorded April 5, 1983 in Istanbul, Turkey)
  • CD Reunion
    • Ceremonial Music of the Sufis
    • (recorded April 16, 1984 in New York City, USA)

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