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Muzzley Corp.
Muzzley Logo.svg
Type of businessPrivate
Available inEnglish
HeadquartersSan Francisco
Founder(s)Domingos Bruges
Eduardo Pinheiro
IndustryProduct Development
LaunchedMay 2012
Current statusActive
Native client(s) oniOS, Android,
Windows 10

Muzzley is an app to control your Internet of Things devices.[1] The app, available for iOS, Android and Windows 10 allows you to control these devices. They provide third party devices integrations through their API's and SDK's for manufacturers to directly embed into their microcontrollers.[2]


Muzzley was founded in March 2012 by Domingos Bruges and Eduardo Pinheiro.[3]

Later that year, they started beta testing and raised their first round of seed investment.[citation needed]

In 2013, the Muzzley team moved to the United States. They also expanded their team and partnered with Intel.

In February 2014, Muzzley received $2.5m in Seed venture capital funding, led by Portugal Ventures.[4] The investment was also backed by Espírito Santo Ventures and Plug and Play Tech Center.[citation needed]

They also nominated Jon Castor as the Chair of the Board and released the second major release of the app, Muzzley V2.0.[citation needed]

On May 1, 2018, Habit Analytics acquired Muzzley for an undisclosed amount.[citation needed]

Compatible Devices[edit]


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