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MV may refer to:

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In science and technology[edit]

Biology and medicine[edit]


  • mv (Unix), a Unix command that moves one or more files or directories from one place to another
  • .mv, top level domain country code for the Republic of Maldives
  • MainView, a business automation software
  • Materialized view, a database object that contains the results of a query

Other uses in science and technology[edit]

  • MV, the abbreviation for megavolt, or 1,000,000 volts, a measure of electrical potential
  • Mendelevium, a chemical element with former symbol Mv
  • mV, millivolt: 1/1,000 of a volt, a measure of electrical potential
  • mv (mass × velocity), momentum in physics
  • Mv, viscosity average molar mass, a method to quantify molar mass distribution in chemistry
  • Mesovortex, a small scale vortex aloft within atmospheric convection, such as squall lines and tropical cyclones
  • Microwave, (occasionally) in the field of satellite remote sensing
  • MV is the absolute magnitude of a celestial body such as a star at 10 parsecs in the V passband
  • M-V, Japanese space rocket

Other uses[edit]