Mwambutsa IV Bangiriceng of Burundi

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Mwambutsa IV
King ("Mwami") of Burundi
Mwambutsa - Ben Zvi 1962.jpg
King Mwambutsa IV during a visit to Israel in December 1962, pictured with president Yitzhak Ben Zvi
Reign 16 December 1915 – 8 July 1966
Coronation 16 December 1915
Predecessor Mutaga IV Mbikije
Successor Ntare V Ndizeye
Born 1912
Died 26 April 1977 (aged 64-65)
Geneva, Switzerland
House Ntwero
Father Mutaga IV Mbikije
Mother Princess Ngenzahago

King Mwambutsa IV Bangiricenge (1912 – 26 April 1977), succeeded on the death of his father Mutaga IV Mbikije, 30 November 1915.

He was enthroned king of Burundi at Muramvya, 16 December 1915. He was given the title of Mwami, or King.[1] He reigned under the Regency of Queen Ririkumutima , until he came of age. He was invested with full ruling powers, 28 August 1929. Like other Burundian kings, he was an ethnic Ganwa. During the early part of his reign, Burundi was transferred from Germany to Belgium following World War I.[2] He was the king of Burundi when it was granted independence, 1 July 1962, and become an independent constitutional monarchy, which suffered much turmoil including the assassinations of at least three prime ministers. He had to continue switching prime ministers to stay in favor with both Hutus and Tutsis.

In March 1966, he appointed his only surviving son as Regent, and entrusted him with full executive powers. Thereafter lived abroad, mostly in Switzerland. He was deposed by Michel Micombero in favor of his son Ntare V, 8 July 1966. He spent the rest of his life in Switzerland until he died in 1977.


National Honours
  • Grand Master of the Royal Order of Prince Louis Rwagasore (1 July 1962).[3]
  • Grand Master of the Royal Order of Ruzinko [Royal Male Drum] (1 July 1962).[4]
  • Grand Master of the Royal Order of Karyenda [Royal Female Drum] (1 July 1962).[5]
  • Grand Master of the Military Order of Karyenda [Royal Female Drum] (1 July 1962).[6]
Foreign Honours
Mwambutsa IV Bangiriceng of Burundi
House of Ntwero
Born: 1912 Died: 26 April 1977
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Mutaga IV
King of Burundi
16 December 1915 – 8 July 1966
Succeeded by
Ntare V


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