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Mwingi South Constituency was a former electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of the eight constituencies in the Kitui County[1] and is now known as Mwingi Central.[2]

The constituency was established for the 1997 elections and was one of two constituencies in the former Mwingi District.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Elections MP[3] Party Notes
1997 David Musila KANU
2002 David Musila NARC
2007 David Musila ODM-Kenya

In 2011 Musila, who represented the constituency since its establishment in 1997, declared he would run for the Kitui senator seat.[4][5]

Locations and wards[edit]

Location Population*
Kalitini 7,689
Kiomo 18,391
Kyome 11,312
Migwani 21,180
Mui 10,544
Mumbuni 15,462
Mutyangome 6,286
Nguutani 19,285
Nuu 9,023
Thitani 15,539
Ukasi 12,951
Wingemi 9,707
Total x
1999 census.[6]
Ward Registered Voters Local Authority
Katalwa / Nzeluni 4,950 Mwingi town
Kavuvwani 4,441 Mwingi town
Kyethani / Kiomo 6,449 Mwingi town
Kalitini / Mui 7,023 Mwingi county
Kyome 3,912 Mwingi county
Mutyangome 1,954 Mwingi county
Nguutani 6,210 Mwingi county
Nuu 3,203 Mwingi county
Thitani 5,703 Mwingi county
Ukasi 4,678 Mwingi county
Wingemi 3,289 Mwingi county
Total 59,527
*September 2005.[7]


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