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Myōken Cable funicular

The Myoken Cable (妙見ケーブル, Myōken Kēburu), officially the Cable Line (鋼索線, Kōsaku-sen), is Japanese funicular line in Kawanishi, Hyōgo, operated by Nose Electric Railway. The line climbs Mount Myōken (妙見山). The line was opened by Myōken Cable Railway (妙見鋼索鉄道, Myōken Kōsaku Tetsudō) in 1925, comprising Kabu Line and Jōbu Line. Both of them were abandoned in 1944. Kabu Line reopened in 1960 as Myoken Cable, while Jōbu Line became a chairlift.

Basic data[edit]

  • Distance: 0.6 kilometres (0.4 mi)
  • Gauge: 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
  • Vertical interval: 229 m (751 ft)


Station Japanese Connections Location
Myoken Cable
Kurokawa 黒川
  • Myōken Line via walk
Kawanishi, Hyōgo
Cable Sanjō ケーブル山上
  • Myōken Lift via walk
Myōken Lift
Myōken-no-mizu Hiroba-mae 妙見の水広場前
  • Myōken Cable via walk
Kawanishi, Hyōgo
Myōkensan 妙見山  

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Coordinates: 34°55′25.3″N 135°27′25″E / 34.923694°N 135.45694°E / 34.923694; 135.45694