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Mauritius Telecom
  • Overseas Telecommunications Services Ltd
  • Mauritius Telecommunication Services Ltd
HeadquartersPort Louis, Mauritius
Key people
Sherry Singh (CEO)
Nathalie Clere (COO, Deputy CEO)
  • Telephone line services
  • Broadband internet
  • Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH)
  • IPTV
  • Mobile Services
RevenueIncrease MUR 10 billion (2017)
Total assetsDecrease MUR 15.805 billion (2012)[1]
Number of employees
ParentOrange Edit this on Wikidata
  • Call Services Ltd (CSL),
  • Cellplus Mobile Communications Ltd,
  • Mauritius Telecom Foundation,
  • Mauritius Telecom International Ventures Ltd,
  • MT Properties Ltd,
  • MT Services Ltd (MTS),
  • Telecom Plus Ltd,
  • Teleservices (Mauritius) Ltd

Mauritius Telecom (MT) is a telecommunications company in Mauritius, a small republic in the Indian Ocean. The company had about 357,000 Telephone customers, 804,000 Mobile customers and 162,000 Broadband Internet customers (My.T ADSL) as at June 2014.


Mauritius Telecom was founded in July 1992 by a merger between the former Overseas Telecommunications Services Ltd and Mauritius Telecommunication Services Ltd. As from that date, Mauritius Telecom became the major provider of voice, mobile, Internet and data communication services in Mauritius.

In 1996, Cellplus Mobile Communications Ltd, a Mobile Network Operator and a fully owned subsidiary of Mauritius Telecom launched the GSM network in Mauritius and later during the same year Telecom Plus Ltd, another fully owned subsidiary of Mauritius Telecom as from 2006, launched a dial-up Internet access service.

In November 2000, France Telecom (now Orange S.A.) became the majority shareholder of Mauritius Telecom by acquiring 40% of its shares. Following the partnership with France Telecom, Telecom Plus Ltd launched Broadband Internet Access in 2002 under the Wanadoo brand.

The two companies launched in June 2006 their IPTV services branded as My.T which enabled Mauritius to become among the first countries in the world to launch IPTV services.

On 17 April 2008, Mauritius Telecom re-branded its mobile and internet services as Orange. Cellplus Prepaid and Post Paid were rebranded as Orange Prepay and Post Pay. Telecom Plus dial-up internet access and Wanadoo ADSL as Orange Dial-Up and Orange ADSL.

In 2013, Mauritius Telecom introduced fibre optic broadband. In May 2015, Mauritius Telecom announced that as from 1 June 2015, all its 850,000 Orange mobile customers would receive free unlimited access to Facebook.

After a 10-year branding agreement with Orange came to an end in September 2017. All Mauritius Telecom products were re-branded under the My.T brand on 9 November 2017.[2]


The main shareholders of Mauritius Telecom are:

Mauritius Telecom Stock Ownership
Rank Owner Shares
1 Orange S.A. 40%
2 Government of Mauritius 33.45%
3 SBM Investments Managers Ltd 19%
4 National Pensions Fund 6.55%
5 Employees of Mauritius Telecom 1%
Total 100.00


Mauritius Telecom owns the following companies:


IndustryPay TV
Founded1992 Edit this on Wikidata
HeadquartersPort Louis,
OwnerMauritius Telecom

My.T is an IPTV service in Mauritius. It is owned by Mauritius Telecom.

My.T Watch offers subscribers access to a number of premium digital channels through the My.T set top box. The set top box also includes a Video On Demand (VOD) service allowing customers to purchase movies and access to a range of interactive services. The My.T Surf offers subscribers internet broadband connection and the My.T Talk offers subscribers low cost international calls to overseas countries.

The My.T Watch service is offered over an IPTV infrastructure and then offers its channels to its customers.

In late 2013, My.T introduced fiber optic communication technology, commonly called La Fibre, which increases the internet speed. They also introduced several new TV features: Electronic Program Guide, TVOD, Contrôle du direct, Mosaic, Picture in Picture (PiP) and others.

My.T + Livebox 2[edit]

The My.T Logo used before March 2016.

MyT + Livebox 2 packages give subscribers broadband access to the internet at speeds: 1Mbit/s, 2Mbit/s and 4Mbit/s.

On all MyT + Livebox 2 packages, users also get access to

  • 29 My.T channels + 17 MBC channels (free)
  • access a VoD catalog of 1800+ VoD
  • cheaper international calls on your phone line at home
  • Livebox 2
  • TNT-enabled decoder
  • new TV features : contrôle du direct, nPVR, TV on demand
  • a mailbox of 100MB

My.T La Fibre[edit]

My.T La Fibre (fiber technology) was launched in late 2013 and was rolled out in early 2014 in select regions, the service operates via FTTH and offers various packages; 10Mbit/s (capped at 75GB), 20 Mbit/s and 30Mbit/s. 50 basic My.T channels are also offered, with options to upgrade to about 95 channels. Alongside the existing offers, a 100Mbit/s 'unlimited' package (capped to 600 GB per month with FUP) was introduced in March 2016 at a higher cost.

The service is advertised as an upgrade over the previous ADSL and MyT packages.

TV Channels[edit]

The following channels are available on the IPTV service:

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