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Jump to: navigation, search is an email routing and smartphone application service. It is designed primarily as a privacy tool enabling a pseudonym or alias to route calls and emails to user designated email accounts and phone numbers.

Email This service allows users to contact someone using only their Handle. A Handle takes the form (user’s handle) and filters and directs all incoming mail to the user’s email accounts as required.

The myHandle system uses the caret ^ symbol (Shift 6 on most keyboards) to denote the use of a Handle. This enables users to "sign" emails with their Handle. A Handle sits above the users subsidiary contact points such as Email / IM / Telephone / SMS to filter and route messages / calls where the user designates. An example would be ^james10.

Phone The iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android mobile applications allow users to contact someone using only their Handle without needing to know the latest phone number of the person called. The person receiving the call sets the number they want to be called at on the app, for example at home or on their mobile.

History was founded in 2009. There are users in 184 countries.

Media MyHandle has been described by Stephen Fry via Twitter as 'Damned Clever'. MyHandle has also been showcased on the BBC World's technology TV program, “Click”.


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