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Type of site
Curated sharing platform
Available in English, French
Industry 3D printing
Registration Optional
Users 200,000
30,000+ 3D printable files
Launched 18 June 2013
Current status Active

MyMiniFactory is a website for the free sharing of 3D printable files. The platform is fully curated, which means that every object available on the site has been previously test printed on desktop FDM 3D printers. MyMiniFactory has a significant focus on toys and games.[1]

A study showed that as of 2017 consumers were already offsetting 10s of millions of dollars per year by 3D printing their own toys from MyMiniFactory.[2][3][4]

MyMiniFactory, which launched in 2013, it is a curated social platform for 3D printable objects. It has over 30,000 3D printable files, and a community of 200,000 users. The object database covers a wide range of different objects sorted in various categories.

MyMiniFactory adheres to open-source content creation and distribution models. All 3D files are available to freely download, edit and re-upload – after going through the validation and test print process. Through this method users are encouraged to create original as well as derivative content, provide feedback and support to other users, and generally stimulate the proliferation of 3D design and 3D printing technology in a free and open manner. In this vein they have partnered with the likes of Oxfam in an attempt to solve humanitarian problems using open source design and manufacture.[5]

In addition to sharing files, MyMiniFactory engages with its community of users through various 3D design competitions[6][7] and recently launched MyMiniFactory TV, a streaming platform for 3D designers. MyMiniFactory has a number of partnerships such as Royal Mail[8] and CEL Robox, becoming the world's first 3D files library to be integrated to a 3D printer's software.[9]


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