MySims Racing

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MySims Racing
MySims Racing.jpg
PAL cover art
Developer(s)Artificial Mind & Movement
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
Composer(s)Mark Mothersbaugh
SeriesThe Sims
EngineHavok (Wii)
Platform(s)Wii, Nintendo DS
ReleaseNintendo DS, Wii
  • NA: June 12, 2009
  • AU: June 18, 2009
  • EU: June 19, 2009
  • JP: June 25, 2009
Life simulation
Sandbox (DS only)

MySims Racing is a go-kart-car racing game developed by Electronic Arts as part of the MySims series, a spin-off from its trademark The Sims series of games. The title was released on June 12, 2009, for the Nintendo DS and Wii.[1]

Though similar to Mario Kart, the game offers some unique gameplay features, such as a Story Mode (similar to the rebooted Need for Speed series), basic car and character customization, and the ability to transfer cars to and from Wii Remotes.


The game received positive reviews among critics. GameSpot gave the Wii version 7.5, praising the game's customization and new style of kart racing.[2] The DS version received 7.0 from GameSpot. It was praised for its fun customization options, the Story mode that mixes up the standard kart-racing formula and its crisp, vibrant visuals both in and out of races; however felt the game's Story mode was too long.[3]

Aggregate scores
Review scores
Nintendo World Report8[9]
NZ Gamer8.5[10]


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