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Myvu Personal Media Viewer refers to a product family of wearable video display glasses released by Myvu Corporation. As of November 2012, the company which made the Media Viewer appears to be out of business.

The Myvu Personal Media Viewer was popular in the wearable computer community because it provided a cost effective and relatively easy path to a DIY, small, single eye, head-mounted display.

Founded in 1995 by Mark B. Spitzer as The MicroOptical Corporation. Company reported raising $11.5 million USD in 2006. [1] Company reported raising $3.25 million USD in 2009. [2] The company ceased operations in 2010 and assets including patents were sold to a major consumer electronics manufacturer. The buyer formed a new company, View Link Technology Pte Ltd., with the mission to establish a new line of wearable near-eye systems for industrial, medical and consumer use. The Myvu name will be used as a brand name for some of View Link's products and services. The web site is currently a domain parking site, indicating the domain is no longer registered to the company.

Myvu provided increased viewing usability and portability for users.[3][4]


  • MyVu won a 2008 Innovations Design and Engineering award by the Consumer Electronics Association.[5]
  • iLounge named myvu’s Crystal 701 as a Best in Show Finalist at Macworld 2008.
  • AmazingTechProducts Award.
  • Retail Vision’s “Best New Technology Award" (2007).
  • Always On selected MyVu Corporation as one of the AO 100 Top Private companies for 2007.
  • iLounge named Myvu Made for iPod the “Best Wearable Display” for 2006.
  • Mark Spitzer (the founder of MicroOptical) was named one of 47 Technology Pioneers for 2007 by the World Economic Forum.

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