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My America is a series of fictional diaries of children that take place during significant moments in American history. Created by Scholastic, it is a spin-off of the series, Dear America, geared toward younger children (grades 3-5). The series covers: Jamestown, the American Revolution, the American Civil War, Westward Expansion, Underground Railroad, and slavery. Each topic has three books and is authored by a different writer. Writers include well respected and popular children's authors, such as Mary Pope Osborne of Magic Tree House fame. The series was discontinued in 2004, but the books continue to be a popular teaching device for introducing American history to elementary school age children.


There are twenty-one books in the My America series:

Corey's Underground Railroad Diaries by Sharon Dennis Wyeth:

  • Freedom's Wings
  • Flying Free
  • Message in the Sky

Elizabeth's Jamestown Colony Diaries by Patricia Hermes:

  • Our Strange New Land
  • The Starving Time
  • Season of Promise

Hope's Revolutionary War Diaries by Kristiana Gregory:

  • Five Smooth Stones
  • We Are Patriots
  • When Freedom Comes

Joshua's Oregon Trail Diaries by Patricia Hermes:

  • Westward to Home
  • A Perfect Place
  • The Wild Year

Meg's Prairie Diaries by Kate McMullan:

  • As Far As I Can See
  • For This Land
  • A Fine Start

Sofia's Immigrant Diaries by Kathryn Lasky:

  • Hope in My Heart
  • Home at Last
  • An American Spring

Virginia's Civil War Diaries by Mary Pope Osborne:

  • My Brother's Keeper
  • After the Rain
  • A Time to Dance

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