My Angel My Hero

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My Angel My Hero
Directed by Faizan Sheikh
Dan Shor
Produced by Faizan Sheikh
Muhammad Munir
Chris Alvarez
Raj Rahi
Shaheen Razi
Written by Faizan Sheikh
Dr. Dennis Goldberg
Jeff Wood
Starring Faizan Sheikh
Dakim Wills
Kimberly Dipersia
Music by Thomas DeRenzo
Cinematography Vitaly Bokser
Edited by Jack Haigis
Running time
24 minutes
Country United States
Language English

My Angel My Hero is a 2011 short film. It is directed by Faizan Sheikh and an Hollywood veteran actor Dan Shor. The film stars Faizan Sheikh, Kimberly Dipersia and Dakim Wills. This stylish, dark drama with sacrifices of our time surprises us with its characters and the strength to survive. The film echoes the sound of music and dance to heal Parkinson's disease, a disease caused by the deterioration of brain cells leading to tremors of the muscles in the body.


The film tells the story of a young boy Billy (Dakim Wills), who is suffering from Parkinson's disease and dances in New York City subway and streets. He eventually finds an inspiration by meeting a former Investment Banker, Da (Faizan Sheikh) and together they discover the advantages of dance towards Parkinson's disease.


Character Actor
Da Faizan Sheikh
Billy Dakim Wills
Mira Kimberly Dipersia
Pamela Pamela Quinn
Adult Billy Chris Rolle
Mira's Father Dan Shor


  • Director of Photography - Vitaly Bokser


The short film was shot for six days. The film was shot using the RED ONE camera at 4K.


The title song of the film "My Angel My Hero" is sung by Pia Toscano. She has also co-written the song with Cassie Parise. The other song "Gori Gori" is sung by "Gurmit Sandhu" and composed by Satpal Singh.

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