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My Australian Story is a series of historical novels for older children published by Scholastic Australia which was inspired by Dear America. Each book is written in the form of a fictional diary of a young person living during an important event or time period in Australian history.


  • A Banner Bold: The Diary of Rosa Aarons, Ballarat Goldfield, 1854 by Nadia Wheatley (2000)
  • A Tale of Two Families: The Diary of Jan Packard, Melbourne, 1974 by Jenny Pausacker (2000)
  • Plagues and Federation: The Diary of Kitty Barnes, The Rocks Sydney - 1900 by Vashti Farrer (2000)
  • Surviving Sydney Cove: The Convict Diary of Elizabeth Harvey, Sydney, 1790 by Goldie Alexander (2000)
  • A Different Sort of Real: The Diary of Charlotte McKenzie, Melbourne, 1919 - 1919 by Kerry Greenwood (2001)
  • The Rum Rebellion: The Diary of David Bellamy, Sydney Town, 1807-1808 by Libby Gleeson (2001)
  • The Yankee Whaler: The Diary of Thomas Morris, Bunbury, Western Australia, 1876 by Deborah Lisson (2001)
  • Who am I? The Diary of Mary Talence, Sydney, 1937 by Anita Heiss (2001)
  • On Board the Boussole: The Diary of Julienne Fulbert, Laperouse's Voyage of Discovery, 1785-1788 by Christine Edwards (2002)
  • The Bombing of Darwin: The Diary of Tom Taylor, Darwin, 1942 by Alan Tucker (2002)
  • Fords and Flying Machines: The Diary of Jack McLaren, Longreach, 1919-1921 by Patricia Bernard (2003)
  • Snowy: The Diary of Eva Fischer, Cabramurra, 1958-1959 by Siobhan McHugh (2003)
  • Riding with Thunderbolt: The Diary of Ben Cross by Allan Baillie (2004)
  • Our Don Bradman: The Diary of Victor McDonald, Sydney, 1932 by Peter Allen (2004)
  • A Marathon of Her Own: The Diary of Sophia Krikonis, Melbourne, 1956 by Irini Savvides (2004)
  • Our Enemy, My Friend: The Diary of Emma Sheldrake, Adelaide Hills, 1915 by Jenny Blackman (2005)
  • New Gold Mountain: The Diary of Shu Cheong, Lambing Flat, New South Wales, 1860-1861 by Christopher W. Cheng (2005)
  • Outback: The Diary of Jimmy Porter, Central Australia, 1927-1928 by Christine Harris (2005)
  • Cyclone Tracy: The Diary of Ryan Turner, Darwin, 1974 by Alan Tucker (2006)
  • Refugee: The Diary of Ali Ismail, Woomera, 2001-2002 by Alan Sunderland (2006)
  • The Melting Pot: The Diary of Edward, Chek Chee, Sydney, 1903-1904 by Christopher W. Cheng (2007)
  • Archer's Melbourne Cup: The Diary of Robby Jenkins, Terara, New South Wales, 1860-1861 by Vashti Farrer (2007)
  • Claw of the Dragon: The Diary of Billy Shanghai Hamilton, Broome, Western Australia, 1899-1900 by Patricia Bernard (2008)
  • Atomic Testing: The Diary of Anthony Brown, Woomera, 1953 by Alan Tucker (2009)
  • The Hunt for Ned Kelly by Sophie Masson (2010)
  • The Phar Lap Mystery by Sophie Masson (2010)
  • My Father's War by Sophie Masson (2011)
  • The Melting Pot by Christopher Cheng (2011)
  • Secrets and Sisterhood by Jenny Pausacker (2012)
  • The Rum Rebellion by Libby Gleeson (2012)
  • Snatched by Pirates by Patricia Barnard (2012)
  • The Deadly Flu by Kerry Greenwood (2012)
  • Voyage to Botany Bay by Chrissie Michaels (2012)
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge by Vashti Farrer (2012)
  • Heroes of Tobruk by David Mulligan (2012)
  • Escape from Cockatoo Island by Yvette Poshoglian (2013)
  • Gallipoli by Alan Tucker (2013)
  • Fremantle Prison Break by Deborah Lisson (2013)
  • Kokoda by Alan Tucker (2014)
  • Convict Girl by Chrissie Michaels (2014)

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