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My Baby Is Black! (French title: Les Lâches vivent d'espoir) is a French exploitation drama released in 1961. The film was written and directed by Claude Bernard-Aubert, and was intended to examine society's view on race during the early days of the civil rights era.[citation needed]


The film is set in Paris and begins with a white college student (Françoise) giving birth to a black child. Then the story showcases series of events leading to the baby's birth including, the mothers courtship by a black medical student (Daniel), as well as her facing the horrors of bigotry as her family and peers turned their backs on her. In addition to the strong focus on the social taboo of interracial romance and sex, the film also contained scenes of the girl's lover and his struggles with the plague of racism in their neighborhood.

The film was mostly played in the United States in drive-in theaters, it was advertised for its shock value and soon forgotten. In 2007 selection of dubbed quotes from the film were played and joked about on the Opie and Anthony show. The Shock jocks continue to use sound bites from the film as ongoing gags.[citation needed]

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