My Bedbugs

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My Bedbugs
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Original release 4 March – April 23, 2004 (2004-04-23)

My Bedbugs is a children's television series created by husband and wife team Alex Greene and Carol Sweeney and produced by GreeneStuff Inc., a production company started by Greene in 2001. The characters Gooby, Toofy, and Woozy are the real-life nicknames of Greene and Sweeney's children. The original concept was brought to life when Greene hired illustrator Carol Bartholomew in 1998 to design the characters under his supervision. Development of the series began in 2002. The first broadcast of the series was June 2004 in Detroit on WTVS. Assistant program director Joann Havel first tested the series by letting her grandson watch the pilot episode and from his reaction, decided to air the program. The series aired throughout the U.S. and Canada and several countries throughout the world, but is now under new ownership and no longer being aired in any markets.

The 2012 film The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure is loosely based on the series.[1]


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