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My Broadcasting Corporation
FoundedRenfrew, Ontario (2004)
Key people
Jon Pole
Andrew Dickson
Productsradio broadcasting

My Broadcasting Corporation is a Canadian broadcasting company founded in 2004 by Jon Pole and Andrew Dickson. Based in Renfrew, Ontario, the company operates a number of radio stations in small to medium sized markets in Ontario. All of its stations offer local news, weather, sports and community events seven days a week.


The roots of My Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) date back to Ottawa Valley Radio in the mid-1980s (CKOA Arnprior and CKOB Renfrew). Those stations were owned by Jamie Pole, the father of current MBC co-owner and President Jon Pole. Jon's business partner and Executive VP of MBC, Andrew Dickson, was an announcer at CKOB in the late '70's and then filled in as morning announcer when Jamie Pole owned the station. The original morning man for myFM, Bob Rose (deceased) was the morning man for Ottawa Valley Radio for many years. Several former Ottawa Valley Radio staffers have returned to myFM and continue to be part of the team, including Rob Mise and Peter DeWolf (deceased).

Over the years, MBC built or acquired a number of stations to a total of 21 - all in Ontario. MBC has been listed for the last eight years as one of Canada's fastest growing companies by Profit Magazine.

Expansion efforts[edit]

In 2006, the company applied for a second station in the Pembroke market, to play classic rock, although its application was denied.[1] Similarly, the company's application to launch a new station in St. Thomas was denied in 2009.[2]

In early 2009, the company also announced a tentative deal to acquire CIYN-FM in Kincardine,[3] which received CRTC approval on May 13, 2009.[4] The company also received CRTC approval to launch a new station in Brighton on May 15, 2009.[5]

On August 2, 2013, My Broadcasting submitted applications to operate new FM radio stations in Arnprior and Carleton Place, and acquiring Peterborough station CJMB-FM outright from McNabb Broadcasting.[6] CJMB, if the application is approved, will be the company's first station in one of Ontario's larger radio markets; as well, the company plans to operate CJMB as a sports radio station which will be the company's first expansion outside of its conventional "my FM" branding and adult contemporary formatting.[7] The CRTC approved the acquisition of CJMB-FM on December 11, 2013.[8]

On December 9, 2013, My Broadcasting submitted an application to operate a new FM radio station at Orangeville, proposed to operate at 101.5 MHz, the new station received approval on July 18, 2014.[9] My Broadcasting previously submitted an application to operate the new station there in 2012 but the application was soon withdrawn.[10]

On an unknown date, My Broadcasting Corporation submitted an application to the CRTC to broadcast on 107.7 FM (later 97.5) in Carleton Place, this application would be denied by the CRTC on April 2, 2014.[11] Also on that date, the CRTC approved the new station in Arnprior, which will replace CHMY-FM-1 at 107.7.[12]

In June 2015, My Broadcasting announced a deal to purchase Pineridge Broadcasting, the owner of CHUC-FM and CKSG-FM in Cobourg and CJWV-FM in Peterborough, Ontario.[13]

On July 11, 2016, myFM submitted an application (call applications) to operate a new FM radio station at 93.7 MHz in Georgina, Ontario. [14]

On December 7, 2016, myFM submitted an application to operate a new FM radio station at 99.7 MHz in Simcoe, Ontario. [15] This application received CRTC approval on June 9, 2017[16]

My Broadcasting has acquired two stations in Cobourg and a second station in Peterborough, as well as approval for station in Milton.[13]

On April 13, 2017, My Broadcasting submitted an application to operate a new FM radio station in Georgina, Ontario, as part of the CRTC's call applications. This application is pending CRTC approval. [17]


Market Call sign Frequency Branding New/Purchased CRTC Decision # Approval Date Sign On Date
Alliston CIMA-FM 092.1 FM myFM New 2012-491 09/12/12 08/20/13
Arnprior CFMP-FM 0107.7 FM Oldies New 2005-453 08/01/05 01/20/06
Brighton CIYM-FM 0100.9 FM Oldies New 2009-277 05/15/09 12/10/09
Cobourg CHUC-FM 107.9 FM Classic Rock Purchased Letter of Approval 07/16/15 09/01/15
Cobourg CKSG-FM 93.3 FM myFM Purchased Letter of Approval 07/16/15 09/01/15
Exeter CKXM-FM 0090.5 FM myFM New 2008-161 08/04/08 07/15/09
Gananoque CJGM-FM 0099.9 FM myFM New 2010-404 06/23/10 07/11/11
Goderich CIYN-FM-1 099.7 FM myFM Purchased 2009-269 05/13/09 12/01/09
Kincardine CIYN-FM 095.5 FM myFM Purchased 2009-269 05/13/09 12/01/09
Milton CJML-FM 0101.3 FM myFM New 2015-222 05/27/15 08/02/17
Napanee CKYM-FM 0088.7 FM myFM New 2006-634 11/11/06 09/13/07
Orangeville CKMO-FM 00101.5 FM myFM New 2014-378 07/14/14 11/06/14
Pembroke CIMY-FM 0104.9 FM myFM New 2005-366 08/02/05 09/12/05
Port Elgin CIYN-FM-2 090.9 FM myFM New 2010-145 03/12/10 01/20/11
Renfrew CHMY-FM 0096.1 FM myFM New 2004-147 04/16/04 08/02/04
Simcoe CHCD-FM 0098.9 FM myFM Purchased Letter of Approval 11/19/12 01/01/13
Simcoe CKNC-FM 0099.7 FM Oldies New 2017-191 06/09/17 01/09/17
St. Thomas CKZM-FM 0094.1 FM [18] myFM New 2010-295 10/12/10 05/13/11
Peterborough CJMB-FM 090.5 FM EXTRA talkSPORTS Purchased 2013-671 05/09/13 05/13/13
Peterborough CJWV-FM 96.7 FM Oldies Purchased Letter of Approval 07/16/15 09/01/15
Strathroy CJMI-FM 0105.7 FM myFM New 2006-571 10/03/07 01/22/07


1 Purchase approved by the CRTC in May 2009; transaction completed November 30, 2009.


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