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My Brother's Shoes is a 2015 American independent film directed by written and directed by Adam Reeves and produced by R&R Stage and Screen, LLC. The film stars Pete Stringfellow and Jacob Ellis and also features Gretta Sosine, Blake Fiegert (now known as Blake Aaron), Robert Vann, and Donna Sachet. This is an original screenplay. It is a full feature comedy with fantasy elements.


The story revolves around two brothers, one gay brother Austin Trent (Jacob Ellis) and one straight older brother Dallas Trent (Pete Stringfellow).

Dallas is a successful executive with a beautiful wife - Katelyn (Gretta Sosine) and a lovely home. He has dreams of having a family and leading a safe conservative life. Austin,his younger gay brother, is always in trouble financially and romantically. He has big dreams of winning first place in the local drag contest and using the money to start a new life.

Each brother thinks the other “has it so good.” By a strange twist of fate, they switch places. This is the place in the film where fantasy takes over. The world around them sees no difference. Only Dallas and Austin realize they have switched. Now Austin must handle the office for Dallas and Dallas must spend the day getting ready for the upcoming drag contest with the help of Austin's sidekick Jackie (Blake Fiegert).

What starts off as a serious and somber scenario of family relations turns into a fantasy of hilarious proportions. The hilarity reaches new heights when evening comes and Austin has to go home to Dallas's wife who is hot and ready to start making a family with him. And Dallas has to now go on stage in drag and perform for Austin! How far will they go? Mayhem back stage and mayhem in the bedroom merge into one crazy climax!


  • Pete Stringfellow as Dallas Trent
  • Jacob Ellis as Austin Trent
  • Blake Fiegert (Aaron) as Jackie
  • Gretta Sosine as Katelyn Trent
  • Joseph Nelson as Billy
  • Robert Vann as Mitch
  • Donna Sachet as Drag Emcee
  • Ron Robinson as Bar Patron
  • Gene Bregman as Client
  • Joe Miller as Pearl Harbor
  • Martin Yribarren as Cookie Fortune
  • David Lassman as Chablis
  • Trevor Veilleux as Crystal Balls
  • Alec Kohlervega as Judge #1
  • Tanya Bordelon as Judge #2
  • Becky Maher as Judge #3
  • Michelle Branchaud Simi as Judge #4


The film was produced by R&R Stage and Sceen, LLC. It was filmed all in the Bay Area in and around San Francisco and the East Bay.

Directed and written by Adam Reeves. The Director of Photography was Nico van den Berg. The score was composed and performed by Jordain Wallace and featured an original song "Stronger Now" composed by Jordain Wallace and performed by Jethro Patalinghug. The film was edited by Chris Tipton-King at 32K Productions.

First Assistant Director was Arianne Garin and Simon Evans served as Line Producer. The artwork used for the film was created and designed by Carrie Ybay.


"My Brother's Shoes" - The Borders of Fantasy and Reality by Amos Lassen[1]

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