My Brother, My Executioner

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My Brother, My Executioner
My Brother, My Executioner by F. Sionil Jose Book cover.jpg
Book cover for F. Sionil José's novel My Brother, My Executioner.
Author F. Sionil José
Country Philippines
Language English
Genre Fiction
Publisher Solidarid Publishing House, Inc.
Publication date
1973, 1974, 1979
ISBN 971-8845-16-X

My Brother, My Executioner[1] is a novel by Filipino author Francisco Sionil José written in Philippine English. A part of the Rosales Saga - a series of five interconnected fiction novels - My Brother, My Executioner ranks third in terms of chronology. In the United States, My Brother, My Executioner was published as a second part of the book, Don Vicente, together with Tree, another novel which is also a part of José’s Rosales Saga. Tree is the second novel of the historical saga, before My Brother, My Executioner.[2] This novel was first published in the Philippines in the early 1970s.[3][4]

Principal characters[edit]

  • Luis Asperri - Victor's half-brother, illegitimate son of Don Vicente Asperri
  • Don Vicente Asperri - feudal landlord, father of Luis Asperri
  • Victor - Luis Asperri's half-brother
  • Trining - Luis Asperri's female cousin, becomes wife of Luis

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