My Brother Talks to Horses

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My Brother Talks to Horses
Directed by Fred Zinnemann
Produced by Samuel Marx
Written by Morton Thompson
Starring Jackie 'Butch' Jenkins
Peter Lawford
Beverly Tyler
Music by Rudolph G. Kopp
Cinematography Harold Rosson
Edited by George White
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date
  • February 4, 1947 (1947-02-04)
Running time
92 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $1,436,000[1]
Box office $976,000[1]

My Brother Talks to Horses is a 1947 comedy film directed by Fred Zinnemann, starring Jackie 'Butch' Jenkins, Peter Lawford and Beverly Tyler.


Living with his family in Baltimore, 9-year-old Lewie Penrose (Jackie 'Butch' Jenkins) claims that he can converse with horses-and also pick the winners of upcoming races. When it appears as though Lewie is telling the truth, he attracts the interest of gambler Rich Roeder (Charles Ruggles), who needs a "sure thing" in the upcoming Preakness. Meanwhile, Lewie's older brother John (Peter Lawford) carries on a romance with the lovely Martha (Beverly Tyler).[2]



The film was not a success at the box office, earning $733,000 in the US and Canada and $243,000 elsewhere, resulting in a loss of $867,000.[1]


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