My Date with the President's Daughter

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My Date with the President's Daughter
My Date With the President's daughter (intertitle).jpg
Title screen
Written byWilliam Robertson
Alex Zamm
Directed byAlex Zamm
StarringDabney Coleman
Will Friedle
Elisabeth Harnois
Mimi Kuzyk
Jay Thomas
Theme music composerChris Hajian
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)Kevin Inch
CinematographyAlbert J. Dunk
Editor(s)Jimmy Hill
Running time93 minutes
Production company(s)Walt Disney Television
DistributorBuena Vista Television
Original networkABC
Original releaseApril 19, 1998 (1998-04-19)

My Date with the President's Daughter is a 1998 American television film produced by Walt Disney Television and premiered as part of ABC's revival of The Wonderful World of Disney. It was shot in various locations around Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was directed by Alex Zamm and starred Dabney Coleman, Will Friedle, and Elisabeth Harnois.


Duncan Fletcher (Will Friedle) is an average teenager in search of a date to his school's spring dance due to a bet with his friends. At the mall, he meets a girl named Hallie (Elisabeth Harnois), who happens to be the daughter of the President of the United States, George Richmond (Dabney Coleman), hiding from the Secret Service after she sneaked off during one of the presidential campaigns. Duncan, not realizing this, asks her to his school's dance. She accepts and gives him her address.

At the White House, as Hallie tells her father about her date, the president refuses to let her go out due to a fundraiser tonight, but after a brief discussion with his wife and first lady, Carol Richmond (Mimi Kuzyk), he reluctantly complies.

That night, Duncan's family prepare to throw a house party for his father's company to earn a promotion. As Duncan tells his family about his date, he asks his father, Charles Fletcher (Jay Thomas), if he could borrow the company car, a red BMW 525i. His father declines, but Duncan takes the company car anyway and goes to Hallie's to pick her up, only to end up at the White House. When he enters, Hallie has Duncan meet her father, and Duncan is informed that there are limitations on where they can and cannot go, and that the Secret Service will be with them the entire time. Though Hallie says that she and Duncan are only going to dinner and a movie, she and Duncan sneak away from the Secret Service at the movie theater after pretending to share a kiss on the floor. As the Secret Service agents realize that they are missing, they call Director Dan Thornhill, whom then informs the president. Once the president learns of this, he orders for Duncan's family to be brought to the fundraiser.

As Hallie suggested that they go shopping to buy new clothes to wear on their date, Hallie tries on many outfits in the dressing room while Duncan buys a holographic ring from a conventional gumball machine. As they encounter many obstacles throughout the night, both their fathers search for them through the city, resulting in their arrest for a traffic violation when a traffic cop fails to recognize the President. Duncan and Hallie both manage to return home safely, but are unhappy as they realize after their first kiss how much they like each other.

Though they never make it to the dance, Duncan feels satisfied with the outcome of the date. Though Duncan's father grounds him, after he cooled off for a bit, he is no longer grounded and he begins to spend more time with his son until he learns that Duncan used his father's credit card. Duncan loses the bet and pays his friends, since he did not bring Hallie with him. When President Richmond arrives at Duncan's school to thank him for Hallie's date, he allows Duncan to continue seeing Hallie and strikes up a friendship with Duncan's family. As a result, Duncan's reputation at school improves from his status as the boyfriend of the President's daughter and Duncan's father is promoted at work after his boss is allowed to meet the President and play golf with him. Hallie and Duncan are able to pursue a real relationship and happily go on a second date with the President's approval and the Secret Service SUVs and Marine One accompanying them.



The film featured the song "My Date with the President's Daughter" by the band the Presidents of the United States of America, describing events similar to those in the plot. The film also features the jazz song "Moonlight Magic" performed by Alan Moorhouse.


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