My Daughter the Broad

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My Daughter the Broad
The Frogs - My Daughter the Broad album coverart.jpg
Studio album by The Frogs
Released 1996
Recorded 1986-1995
Genre Alternative rock, Spoken word
Length 49:30
Label Matador Records
Producer The Frogs
The Frogs chronology
It's Only Right And Natural
My Daughter the Broad
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]
Pitchfork Media (6.5/10)[2]

My Daughter the Broad, released in 1996, is the third album released by The Frogs. It is a compilation of improvised homemade recordings that were mostly recorded in the late 1980s. Many of these songs continue themes from It's Only Right And Natural such as homosexual supremacy and social conservative fears. It is described as "one hour's worth of the funniest songs ever recorded...about a cripple fetish, pedophilia, over-the-top evilness, having extreme plastic surgery, dying goats [and] being hungry..."[3] This album also introduces two new personas of Dennis Flemion with distinct-sounding voices, a geriatric pervert and the high-pitched murderer Jack, as in the songs "Reelin' and Rockin #1" and "I'm Evil, Jack". Fans often request songs from this album in concert, but the band refuses to play some of them because of the difficulties involved with re-creating an improvisation in a live setting. The title was inspired by Mudhoney's My Brother the Cow.[4]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Reelin' and Rockin #1" – 3:53
  2. "Children, Run Away (The Man with the Candy)" – 2:03
  3. "Where's Jerry Lewis?" – 1:32
  4. "I'm Evil, Jack" – 2:45
  5. "April Fools (He Had the Change Done at the Shop)" – 4:08
  6. "The Boys with the Boys" – 2:38
  7. "I'm Sad the Goat Just Died Today" – 1:14
  8. "Gwendolyn Macrae" – 2:42
  9. "Put Your Finger in the Dike, Stop the Leak" – 2:45
  10. "God Is Gay" – 2:56
  11. "I Love U (You Know I Don't)" – 2:03
  12. "Stand Up for Your Rights (Or Sit Down)" – 2:08
  13. "Lifeguard of Love" – 2:25
  14. "I'm Hungry" – 2:09
  15. "Banjo Bonnie" – 1:45
  16. "Which One of You Gave My Daughter the Dope?" – 1:42
  17. "Candyland Joe" – 1:42
  18. "I Had a Second Change Done at the Shop (Now I've Added Animal Cocks)" – 3:33
  19. "Who's Sucking on Grampa's Balls Since Grandma Ain't Home Tonight?" – 0:11
  20. "Grandma's Sitting on the Corner with a Penis in Her Hand Going 'No, No, No, No, No'" – 2:20
  21. "Dreambox" – 2:04
  22. "Reelin' and Rockin' #2" – 2:53



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